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Electrical Planning Reports


Storm Electric provides consultation services to prepare an Electrical Planning Report for your strata building. 

Electrical Planning Reports are the first step for stratas to:

  • Plan for changes or additions such as: 
    • Heating
    • Cooling
    • EV charging
  • Prepare for replacing gas equipment
  • Understand electrical needs and limitations
  • Be ready to take the next steps

What is – and isn’t – an Electrical Planning Report (ERP)?

An Electrical Planning Report covers the following:

  • A report about the current electrical system, including common property & strata lots.
  • Demands on the electrical system, including heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, elevators, mechanical equipment, appliances and existing EV charging infrastructure (if any).
  • Anticipating and calculating future electrical needs.
  • The limitations of the current electrical system.
  • Measures to reduce capacity, such as changing lighting systems to LED.
  • Measures to increase capacity, such as a service upgrade.
  • Estimates of potential electrical capability available if a strata made recommended upgrades or modifications.

The purpose of an Electrical Planning Report is:

  • A resource to educate owners and discuss needs and priorities.
  • A starting point to plan future projects.
  • Information to assist council when considering owner requests to install heat pumps and EV charging stations.

An Electrical Planning Report is NOT:

  • A scope of work or quote for a project.
  • A specific plan forward.
  • An EV Ready Plan (this is a completely separate document).

EPR Deadlines

Existing stratas

  • The deadline is December 31, 2026 for stratas located within the Capital Regional District, Fraser Valley District, and the Metro Vancouver Regional District.
  • Stratas located on islands within these districts have until December 31, 2028 if the island is accessible only by air or boat.
  • The deadline is December 31, 2028 for stratas in all other areas of BC.

New stratas (filed after December 31, 2023)

  • The deadline is 5 years after the date that the strata plan is filed at the Land Title Office.
  • New phased stratas generally have a 5-year deadline as well.

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