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Date Last Updated: 30th October 2023

Where to Buy an EV Charger

Discover the most common purchasing options

Once you know what you’re looking for in a charger, the next step is to figure out which model you’d like to buy and where it’s sold. We’ve outlined some common purchase options below:

Manufacturers & distributors

Some manufacturers of EV chargers and other electrical equipment allow you to purchase a charger directly from them, and most allow you to purchase their products via electrical distributors.

Many manufacturers offer chargers for different charging locations – such as homes, multi-unit residential buildings, workplaces and more – and group them accordingly on their website for easier browsing. 

Contact them via phone or email, or visit them at a location near you, to learn about which charger will best meet your needs and preferences. 

General online retail 

Some large online marketplaces have a wide selection of EV chargers for purchase. To be eligible for the CleanBC EV charger rebates, make sure that the model meets all of the eligibility requirements or is listed in our database of rebate-eligible EV chargers, ensure that the product listing is offered by the registered brand and not a third-party reseller or a counterfeit brand, and that the condition is new, not used or refurbished.

Check the manufacturer’s website for links back to the online marketplace for reassurance any listings are legitimate.

In-store retail

Some large home improvement and automotive equipment retailers are beginning to sell EV chargers, but the selection of retailers with chargers in stock is currently limited in Canada. Call your local retailer or visit their website to check availability.


Most vehicle dealerships now include a Level 1 EV charger (and in some cases a Level 2 charger) for free when you purchase an EV. Check with your local dealership to see if this is the case.

Storm Electric can help you decide

Storm Electric can help you make an educated decision about which model is right for you, and we work directly with the electrical distributors that sell chargers. We will talk with you about which charger would work best for  you during our visit to provide a quote for the charger installation work at your property.

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