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Electrician Services Provided to GMC Duncan

Our service included a comprehensive analysis of the dealership’s power requirements, site surveys, and installation plans. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the charging system is designed to meet their specific needs and that the installation process is efficient and hassle-free.

The installation comprised of a 480V 54KW DC fast charger, 19KW AC fast charger powered by a 75KVA transformer. We tapped off the main bus of a 208V 800A service and fed a 600V 200A Disconnect. From the disconnect we fed a 75KVA 480V-208V transformer which we connected as a step-up transformer to power our DC fast charger. We used another circuit to power the 19KW AC fast charger fed from a 208V 100A disconnect.

Our 54kw DC fast charger is capable of charging most electric vehicles quickly and efficiently, while our 19kw AC fast charger is ideal for vehicles that are not equipped with fast charging capabilities. The 75kva transformer ensures that your dealership has enough power to meet the demands of your charging system.



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